CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO

CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO


CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO.
31 October - 13 November 2019

Live Performances, 7pm, Saturday 9 November 2019.
Women's Work Sound Workshop, 7:30pm, Monday 11 November 2019
Show & Tell, 7:30pm, Wednesday 13 November 2019.

CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO is a collaboration between CRATE members and Athelstan Sound Attendees in the form of a 2 week residency, and we invite you to come and join us on the 9th, 11th and 13th of November as we share the outcomes and experiences of the residency.

Athelstan Sound was founded in 2015 and has convened thirty events over the past four years in Margate. The monthly Athelstan Sound workshops have engaged with around 150 Thanet residents. The workshops are led by local musicians, artists, dancers and attended by sound and musician practitioners as well as people for whom Athelstan Sound was there first experience with the sound arts. The group pursues an inclusive approach and operates an open-door policy, encouraging both professionals and amateur sound makers to attend, as well as those are simply curious and willing. As well as the workshops, Athelstan Sound also performs as a live ensemble, with various members contributing depending on availability. We have performed at Turner Contemporary, Folkstone Triennial, Contra Pop Festival, and other events across Kent.