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Collaborative Research Group (CRG) is a new internship and education programme that sees a collaboration between University of the Creative Arts (UCA) at Canterbury and CRATE. Inter-regionally funded, it brings together a group of 6 arts practitioners who are interested in collaborative working and the pluralities of contemporary visual art practice (producing, curating, organising, writing, etc.). The programme is conceived as both an alternative and complimentary to post-graduate and research-based education, and places itself directly in the art-world and academia.

Conceived of as an initiated pedagogic programme in 'doing', the members of CRG undertake collaborative working, sharing their experience, networks and resources. Through this discursive and supportive culture, CRG addresses the current crisis in (arts) education, brought on by further governmental funding cuts at university level.

CRG intends to both contribute to and benefit from research at UCA, by programming a series of hosted talks, workshops, pedagogic activity, events and exhibitions at UCA, CRATE, in and around the region and in our European partner region.

CRG runs from September 2013 until April 2015.


The programme is plural and open, evolving throughout. CRG will host guest visitors to CRATE and UCA Canterbury; undertake guest visits regionally, nationally and into Europe; work on collaborative public projects; collaborate with other artists, curators, groups, organisations on their programmes and projects; undertake private and public workshops, events and discursive sessions; be a support structure for those involved, and contribute to and benefit from research at UCA.Collaborative Research Group is made up of Aine Belton, Dom Elsner, Louisa Love, Alex Parry, Trish Scott and Charley Vines. It is coordinated by Toby Huddlestone.

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Thursday 26 March 2015

Collaborative Research Group: ASIMOVIAN STUDIES WORKSHOP

Monday 26-Friday 30 January 2015

Open Call Work and Art: How Artists Make A Living [working title]

Crank Sturgeon at Crate

Collaborative Research Group hosts Crank Sturgeon, Rob Hart & Jon Law: SOUNDCRATE

Thursday October 2, 2014

Bilton Square Micro Beer Fest

September 6, 2014


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