Exhibition As Medium 2011-2012

Start Symposium - audio files

Toby Huddlestone Paul O'Neill Binna Choi Valentinas Klimasauskas Anthony Gross
16 April 2011
[url= HUDDLESTONE - Introduction to EXHIBITION AS MEDIUM[/url] Audio file
[url= O’NEILL- THE EXHIBITION AS AN EMERGENT, CO-PRODUCTIVE MEDIUM AND THREE PRINCIPLES OF ORGANISATION: the Background, the Middle-ground and the Foreground[/url] Audio file
BINNA CHOI - ART INSTITUTION AS GENEROUS STRUCTURE: Against the grain of neo-liberal ideologies of ‘lifelong learning’ and ‘work as play’, how can we dream of an institution as a generous structure? A text file of this paper will be available soon.
[url= GROSS - STRUCTURES FOR ENABLING:A survey of the curatorial projects by temporarycontemporary and Anthony Gross including modular structures, social clubs and entrepreneurial ‘do-it-yourself art centres’[/url] Audio file

Start Symposium - Image Archive

Toby Huddlestone, Paul O'Neill, Binna Choi, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Anthony Gross
16 April, 2011

Toby Huddlestone introducing the START Symposium.

Anthony Gross

Valentinas Klimasauskas

Paul O'Neil

Lovely attendees. 


 is the Project Space programme under development by CRATE's newly appointed curator, Toby Huddlestone.

Starting with a on April 16th 2011, it will examine alternate models of exhibition format.

Artist-led spaces such as CRATE (independent and experimental) should be at the forefront of current critical discussion around curatorial and cultural activity - it is in project spaces, temporary sites and 'independent activity' through which creativity and new ideas evolve. The focus of the exhibitions in this programme will shift from a place of consumption to a site of action, response and production. A more discursive framework will evolve through this allowing a more active involvement from the artists and audience, often prompting repeat visits to see how an exhibition or project is evolving.

Toby Huddlestone - new curator for CRATE.

CRATE has awarded its 2011 - 2012 Curatorial Bursary to Toby Huddlestone.

Toby is currently developing a programme tilted 'Exhibition as Medium', which primarily aims to concentrate attention on alternate models of exhibition format through the presentation of research through production. Exhibitions, screenings, events, talks, symposia, papers and publications will be produced alongside social events, informal discussion and electronic dialogue. The programme began with a 'closed' symposium on 16 April, now archived on the CRATE .

The main programme will commence in July 2011 and run until April 2012.


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