Collaborative Research Group: ASIMOVIAN STUDIES WORKSHOP

Collaborative Research Group: ASIMOVIAN STUDIES WORKSHOP

Open at Crate: 26 - 29 January 2015
Event: 30 January 2015. Warpole Bay Hotel, Margate

Epistemology, art, cooperation, methods of production, society, law, economics - with Inter Regional partners ESADHaR and UCA.

During the week 26-30 January CRATE will be open to visitors who wish to cooperate and contribute to the workshop and material being produced.        

Referring to the creative methods of science fiction author Isaac Asimov, Asimovian Studies is a workshop for students of ESADHaR and UCA on scientific and technological speculation.

The purpose of this workshop is to allow the participants to imagine the future through technical, social and intellectual speculation. Inspiration and research material will range through the practices of the Palo Alto technologists, science fiction writers Isaac Asmimov, Yevgeny Zamyatin, Philip K Dick, J G Ballard, futurologist Raymond Kurzweil, artists from the Black Mountain College, etc.

Examples for possible study:
The impact of anti-gravity on the mobile unit. 
A laser-fusion power plant is possible
Teleportation is possible
Re-imagining rural landscapes and infrastructures

Further notes: Asimoviennes Studies

Referring to the creative methods of Isaac Asimov, the famous author of science fiction, PhD in chemistry and biologist, the Asimovian Workshop is a proposes to explore representations spculations about scientific and technology. You will be asked students to imagine the subject and technique, draw up the possibilities, think with art students with its use, communication and design.

In 1860, a member of the Academy of Sciences showed that the flight heavier than air was impossible, he was right in the steam engine beyond employment paradigm performance combustion engine changes the game. The heavier than air become possible it changes the world. The Wright Brothers could hardly imagined the SkyTeam airline network, only Etienne Robida was able to show air congestion Parisian sky.

Educational objectives

This workshop aims to give participants practical experience of technical, social and intellectual speculation. Usually practiced by Palo Altean scientists, science fiction writers of Hard Science, and artists from Black Moutain College, these exercises are conducive to an imagination which operates in relation to specific and unusual contexts. The process allows users to consider paradigms as given states and not as immovable dogmas.

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