I am Trash


I am Trash

Sat 11th May 10-17
PV 19-21
Sun 12th May 10-17

‘I am Trash’ presents current environmental, activist and cultural ideas, presented by
experimental artist run platform FluxKUNST,

Communicating the environmental problems we face, and reimagining waste materials.
‘I am Trash’ presents new and exciting ways of reusing our waste, preventing it going to
landfill. Exploring emotive and fundamental responses to individual isolation, and
community division in the U.K. ‘I am Trash’ communicates genderfluid ideas, it echoes
the age of positive punk, with a message to be mindful, love and tolerate others.

fluxKUNST @fluxkunst
Dream Safari @dream_safari
Erin Laurel Hayhow @erinlaurelhayhow @eirinnhayhow
Jess Dadds @jess_dads
Shauna Summers @shaunnasummers_