F.E.L.T - exhibition opens 24 Feb

F.E.L.T - exhibition opens 24 Feb

Eloisen Lambert

Focalised. Exterior. Life. Texture

Exhibition Open:
Thursday 24th February 2011 - Monday 28th February 2011.

Opening Times: 11am – 4pm.

The exhibition is a collaboration between four 2nd year Fine Art students from the University of the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Eloise Lambert, Mary Demery, Georgia McElhone, and Giovanni Fazzolari.

F.E.L.T conceptualises the importance of surface and texture. Focusing on the use of various mediums to expose and alter the perception of the obvious, and increase attention to the textures that form our world. Formulating the distinctive physical composition or structure of a section of the body, a landscape or object, which would normally be deemed insignificant and hidden from view.

The experience of F.E.L.T exposes the viewer to an altered image of normality through a composition of painting, sculpture, and sound to create a total sensory exhibit.