CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO


CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO.
31 October - 13 November 2019

Live Performances, 7pm, Saturday 9 November 2019.
Women's Work Sound Workshop, 7:30pm, Monday 11 November 2019
Show & Tell, 7:30pm, Wednesday 13 November 2019.

CRAThElstan Sound STUDIO is a collaboration between CRATE members and Athelstan Sound Attendees in the form of a 2 week residency, and we invite you to come and join us on the 9th, 11th and 13th of November as we share the outcomes and experiences of the residency.

Athelstan Sound was founded in 2015 and has convened thirty events over the past four years in Margate. The monthly Athelstan Sound workshops have engaged with around 150 Thanet residents. The workshops are led by local musicians, artists, dancers and attended by sound and musician practitioners as well as people for whom Athelstan Sound was there first experience with the sound arts. The group pursues an inclusive approach and operates an open-door policy, encouraging both professionals and amateur sound makers to attend, as well as those are simply curious and willing. As well as the workshops, Athelstan Sound also performs as a live ensemble, with various members contributing depending on availability. We have performed at Turner Contemporary, Folkstone Triennial, Contra Pop Festival, and other events across Kent.

CRAThelstan sound STUDIO: Women's Work


Facilitated by Jemma Cullen 
7.30pm, Monday 11 November 2019 

Join us in recreating a composition from the recently republished Women’s Work. Compiled by Annea Lockwood and Alison Knowles and originally published in two volumes in the mid-70’s, Women's Work was the first publication of text-based performance scores exclusively by women. It has just been republished with the help of Irene Revell and James Hoff through Primary Info. You can read more about the project  

We will get together in the CRAThelstan sound STUDIO and choose a composition to explore. It can be expressed via sound (any type), movement, performance, really anything we fancy. There is no pressure, the only imperative is that we explore and enjoy ourselves. All genders welcome.

A note from the facilitator Jemma Cullen:
My name is Jemma Cullen. I am a current Open School East associate. I plan to inhabit a space within the Open School East final show which will be at 39 Hawley Square from Nov 29th to December 4th. It will be filled with sound making equipment, any objects, instruments and art making tools we require. I wish to invite fellow participants to come along for a no-pressure performance of our composition. If you can’t make the day we choose (which we’ll do on Monday) then no worries, we will happily record your contribution and make it part of the performance so you can still take part.

Women’s Work contains compositions by:
Annea Lockwood 
Alison Knowles
Mike Shiomi
Mary Lucier
Bici Forbes
Simone Forti
Elaine Summers
Wendy Greenburg
Jackie Apple
Pauline Oliveros 
Marilyn Wood
Heidi Von Gunden
Carole Webe
Sari Dienes
Carol Law
Beth Anderson
Anne Williams
Lisa Mikulchsk
Ruth Anderson
Carol Schneemann
Christina Kubisch
Barbara Benary
Takako Saito
Françoise Janicot

On Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 7.30pm we will be hosting the Show and Tell Sessions from CRAThElstan Sounds Studio. 

CRATE CONVERSATION Presents Sława Harasymowicz in conversation with Dominik Czechowski

crate_conversation_Sława Harasymowicz

Talk: 8pm, Saturday 26 October 2019. 
Please note that the exhibition will be open to view from 4-9pm.

Join artist Sława Harasymowicz in conversation about her exhibition with London-based curator and writer Dominik Czechowski.

The exhibition at Crate divulges layers of accidental, yet significant encounters primarily through photographic and text-based material related to a three-storey 19th century tenement: an open-gated ghost, a semi-derelict oddity amidst intercom-protected dwellings in gentrified central Kraków. Sława Harasymowicz and Dominik Czechowski discuss the phenomenon of the house and its meaning to the artist, placed in the context of its past, present and future incarnations.

Inherent within the tenement’s century-long trajectory are clashing scenarios: political history, reconstruction, game. These uncanny redefinitions of ‘home’ and ‘shelter’ marking the building as constantly reformulating place of belonging and simultaneously of displacement resonate strongly with contemporary reality. 

The installation builds on research carried out on invitation by Bunkier Gallery, Kraków, Poland (2018). After Margate, the project will be reformulated as exhibition at l’etrangere, London and an artist book (2020) supported by Arts Council England. 

Dominik Czechowski is Head of Exhibitions at the Jewish Museum London. He has held curatorial positions at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol; Hayward Gallery; Calvert 22 Foundation; Barbican Art Gallery and has curated exhibitions, performances and contextual events for institutions such as Freud Museum and Liverpool Biennial. He is an editor of and contributor to artist publications and exhibition catalogues as well as magazines such as MAP and Art Monthly.


The Rage Project


Pizza, wine and RAGE: 7pm-9pm, Wednesday 16 October 2019 

Bridget McVey’s The Rage Project is a series of one hour sessions which explore outcomes of destruction.

Bridget has been working with individuals who chose an object they wish to destroy. Bridget makes three versions of the object in wet clay, then the participant is left alone to destroy it. 

On the evening of Wednesday 16th October participants will gather with the artist and the Crate programming team to discuss the experience. 

Bridget is a ceramic artist living in Margate she runs a not for profit social enterprise, ClaySpace studios. 



image © Sława Harasymowicz

Private view:  4-6pm, Saturday 19 October, 2019
Open: 12-4pm, Friday-Sunday, 20-27 October
Late opening & In-conversation between the artist, & curator and writer Dominik Czechowski: 8-10pm Saturday 26 October
2019. Please note that the exhibition will be open to view from 4-9pm

dismal sheets of dust (ślady kurzu) revisits a semi-derelict yet imposing 19th century tenement block in Kraków (Poland); a strange ruin at odds with its central location, and the artist’s childhood home. The house is re-imagined as pastiche, where the artist’s memory clashes with the building’s history as post-war public shelter for the displaced, and contemporary remnants of an escape room, functioning as ready-made scenarios.

Sława Harasymowicz is a Polish-born artist currently based in Ramsgate. Her work was presented at the Freud Museum, London, BWA Tarnów Gallery, Poland, The National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków, Poland and V&A, London. Her graphic novel adaptation of Sigmund Freud’s Wolf Man was published in 2012. Harasymowicz is a PhD candidate at Central Saint Martins, UAL London. 

The exhibition is part of Margate Now  2019.


Zine Week


Open daily: 12 - 6pm, 8 - 13 October, 2019.
See below for details of workshops and events 

A week celebrating zine culture, from punk fanzines to xerox photography and other DIY attitudes, with workshops, discussions and a library throughout the week finishing off with a zine fair on the last day.


Open Daily 12pm – 6pm.
Zine Library 

Thursday 10 October
1 - 5pm
Prop Culture for the Super-fan
Join a free workshop creating DIY, props, costumes and zines, celebrating the people, music, films and TV you love the most. Obsessive behaviour welcome.
6.30 - 8pm Zine Discussion, "How and why?".
Join us for a friendly discussion all about the how and why of zines.

Friday 11 October
1 - 5pm. DIY Art Zine Workshop
Dream Safari and Erin Laurel Hayhow will be offering a super chill, ambient, DIY art zine making session. We will be using a mixture of collage, drawing and other mediums to create our own 8-page booklets, whilst we relax to some beats, selected by Dream Safari.
7pm onwards JANET DISTRICT COUNCIL'S OVERTIME: The Complaints Desk
Come and join Janet District Council's out of office hours and get it off your chest. Janet will be at Crate to listen to your complaints - if you could just put it in writing and Janet will solve all your problems, rejecting and accepting offers to make Margate great again. With a dedicated team waiting to deflect your criticisms, all your ideas will be put into an official Janet District Council zine. BYOB and bring a pen.

Sunday 13 October
12 - 6pm, Zine Fair, .
Come and see the ultimate celebration of zines at a Zine Fair, we're cramming every corner of the project with zines and prints for you to support our local makers.


Holly Slingsby, Approaching Viriditas (Epilogue) 2019. Image courtesy of the artist

Preview: 5-7pm, Friday 27 September 2019
Open: 12-4pm, 28 September - 6 October 2019

An egg that won't crack. A mermaid who wants to do the splits. A breast that won't lactate. A pelican that pecks itself.

Approaching Viriditas (Epilogue) is a new performance-to-camera video work, building on a series of live works made in 2018. These works develop a language to discuss the experience of fertility treatment.

Viriditas is a concept associated with the medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen - a notion of spiritual 'greening' which here is applied to the female body. Performative action is layered with readings of Hildegard's texts, and coded watercolour drawings.
This work is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company; and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
This exhibition is part of Margate NOW, an ambitious and dynamic festival of art, events and performances. This year, in response to Turner Prize 2019 at Turner Contemporary the programme runs from 28 September 2019 - 12 January 2020. It has been developed by Turner Contemporary, Margate Festival, Open School East, 1927, Resort, Crate, Limbo, Dreamland Margate, Kent County Council and Kent Libraries, Thanet District Council and locally based artists. It is supported by Arts Council England through National Lottery funding, as well as contributions from Kent County Council, Thanet District Council and Dreamland Margate. Turner Prize 2019 is organised in collaboration with Tate.

Holly Slingsby (born 1983, UK) is based in Margate, UK. She studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University (2003-06) and the Slade School of Art, London (2008-10). Her practice centres on performance and uses props, costumes and video. Her most recent work explores the female body in relation to fertility myths and medicine. Slingsby reinvents depictions of mythical and holy figures, playfully proposing embodiment of these characters as a form of invocation. She draws on a wealth of art historical and contemporary imagery to create her own irreverent yet thought-provoking visual language. Holly is a studio holder at CRATE. 




Artists: William Hughes, James Mccoll & Sara Jackson
Partner organisations: Grandad’s Workshop, Monkton Stargazers & Windmill Community Gardens

September - December 2019

The CRATE micro-residency exchange programme is an arts council funded residency, providing an opportunity for artists to work within the community and to take part in genuine skill-sharing opportunities. Selected artists have been placed with specialists from various trade and academic backgrounds based in and around Margate and have been provided with time and space to develop a body of work in response to this exchange. 

The selected artists have been placed with local businesses throughout August and September 2019, with access to studio space at CRATE for three weeks between 3 September until 23 September 2019. They then have time for a period of self reflection and a chance to continue their work and research, with the opportunity to present outcomes between 14 November - 4 December 2019. 

The three artists taking part in the programme, selected by an Open Call process are:

The three partnered businesses, respectively, are:

As this is a funded residency, the artists and businesses are both paid for their time. 

James Mccoll is a multidisciplinary artist who works with text, moving image and performance. His work has a particular focus on mental health, individual struggle and class. He uses re-purposed footage and text and his performances are the direct result of these practices. His work is visual. He drops the extraordinary into ordinary settings. He takes work out of galleries. He creates site-responsive and site-specific work, often creating environments for work to be shown in. Where possible, he shows work in unusual spaces and places, disrupting the day-to-day. He is one half of First Line Theatre, a theatre group producing site-responsive performance art. He has had work shown across the country and internationally. He continues to work with organisations like Forest Fringe, (WOW) Woman Of The World Festival, NSDF and KARST Gallery to produce art festivals and events that support emerging creative practitioners.

James has been placed with Windmill Community Gardens. Windmill Community Gardens is a food growing project based in Margate, running since 2004. They work with local people to build a stronger, healthier, more active community. They run open access activities for all ages and abilities, including Gardening Club on Tuesdays, “Cabbage Patch” group for toddlers and families on Thursdays, and a Wellbeing Group on Fridays.  Their mission is to deliver a variety of inclusive outdoor opportunities for people to come together to make a difference for themselves, others and for the environment. They have two sites which they transformed from derelict land. The first site is the community garden, whilst the second site is a market garden which employs organic methods of growing vegetables which they sell via their veg box scheme and to local restaurants. During this exchange, James will spend a week with Windmill Community Gardens, attending the public activities and assisting with their veg box scheme. 

Sara Jackson is an artist based in Thanet and recently graduated with a First Class Hons Degree in Fine Art from the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury in 2019. Her current practice is concerned with her working environment, capturing surfaces, textures and traces of the space, playing with the audience’s perception and experimenting with the relationships between architecture, flatness and illusion. Sara is a 2019 recipient of the Platform Graduate Award, which will lead to a month-long solo show at Turner Contemporary in Autumn 2019. She also received the Crate Graduate Award, a month long residency at Crate’s Project Space in Margate. Other projects and exhibitions include Intimately Familiar a group exhibition at the Aviary, Cobham Hall Independent School, 2019; FAB LAB, a group exhibition at Folkestone Brewery Tap, 2019; Cornered, a group exhibition at Canterbury Cathedral, 2018; Journeys with the Wasteland, at Turner Contemporary (off site program at Crate and The Clore Learning Studio) 2018; ICR (International Cultural Regeneration) projects (ESADHAR Le Havre and the Margate Calais project at Resort and Ecole d’Art du Calais) and Lumen print workshop at Turner Contemporary, 2019.

Sara Jackson has been placed with Grandad’s Workshop. Grandad’s workshop is run by Frank White. Frank has gained experience and skills from over 40 years of working in varied environments; from engineering & welding and sheet metalwork to carpentry, plumbing and maintenance, and finally teaching Design and Technology at Dane Court Grammar School. His engineer's curiosity and thought processes have made him a problem solver. Grandad’s Workshop specialises in re-purposing and re-imaging uses for materials to create bespoke and unusual pieces of furniture, and to engineer practical tools. A variety of services are provided by the workshop, including a sharpening and maintenance service for tools and short courses for children and families, such as pen-making. Frank is enthusiastic about passing on his skills and knowledge, crafts tailor-made courses upon request, and creates commissioned pieces for customers. Frank’s workshop has extensive facilities, from welding to woodwork. Sara and Frank have begun engineering an embossing machine.

William Hughes is a visual artist currently based in Broadstairs. Drawing forms the backbone of his practice. Images are culled from a variety of sources; manuals and books, found photo albums and photographs, online and offline image archives. Reproduced in graphite, the work aims to measure the inertia of the translation process from anonymous image to reproduction on paper against the potential of drawing to be a meditative, developmental platform. Through an investigation into themes of nostalgia and labour, the instantaneity of the spontaneous photograph is both exploited and negated by the drawing process and the associations of the medium. His miniature, delicately realised drawings form a loose narrative in which notions of memory, history and the performative rituals of everyday life are explored.

William Hughes has been placed with The Monkton Stargazers astronomy group, at The Thanet Observatories in the Monkton Nature Reserve. The Monkton Stargazers are scientists and engineers willing to give up their free time to educate the public in scientific matters. Monkton Stargazers hold public viewings at the Thanet observatories on the fourth Friday of the month, (except for May, June and July, as the evenings are too light.) The viewings are attended by amateur astronomers and beginners alike, with families particularly encouraged to join. They also facilitate children’s astronomy sessions for a girls' coding group called The Steamettes. William has been working closely with John Hislop, a leading member of the Monkton Stargazers and a former physics teacher. John has been keenly sharing his knowledge of astronomy with William. William is soon to given an impromptu talk at the observatory where he presented his work to attendees of the public viewing.
The programme is a collaborative exchange. The space is also available for the respective business owners/ tradespeople to use to allow for the possibility of collaborative work. We are interested in collaboration and dialogue as a means of resistance. We want to create a platform for genuine skill-sharing and knowledge exchange, and to promote collaboration across professions in the area. This project is essentially about getting people talking and working together who wouldn’t usually do so, and seeing what happens!

Crate August 2019 building works


Crate Studios and Project Space is being reconfigured. We are improving the ground floor of our building. We will shortly be opening our new improved, bigger, brighter and better project space. Meanwhile the Project Space is closed for building works.
A big Thank-you to Ross Walker, Dan Bass, Joe Drakeford, and Jim for all the work they are doing. I couldn't recommend them strongly enough. Please follow Ross's carpentry business on
Also a big thank you to the electrician Clive Jackson
We will also be using the services of R & R Welding & Fabrications Ltd for creating some new iron railings outside the building. I'll post some photos of that once it is installed.

Lastly a big thank-you to our funders

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Address: 1 Bilton Square, High Street, Margate CT9 1EE
Crate is located in an old printworks, just off Margate High Street, behind KFC and next to LIMBO.
We are a ten minute walk from Margate train station, which runs a regular services to London St Pancras  and London Victoria, and five minutes away from Turner Contemporary. 
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