Collaborative Research Group: ASIMOVIAN STUDIES WORKSHOP

Open at Crate: 26 - 29 January 2015
Event: 30 January 2015. Warpole Bay Hotel, Margate

Epistemology, art, cooperation, methods of production, society, law, economics - with Inter Regional partners ESADHaR and UCA.

During the week 26-30 January CRATE will be open to visitors who wish to cooperate and contribute to the workshop and material being produced.        

Referring to the creative methods of science fiction author Isaac Asimov, Asimovian Studies is a workshop for students of ESADHaR and UCA on scientific and technological speculation.

The purpose of this workshop is to allow the participants to imagine the future through technical, social and intellectual speculation. Inspiration and research material will range through the practices of the Palo Alto technologists, science fiction writers Isaac Asmimov, Yevgeny Zamyatin, Philip K Dick, J G Ballard, futurologist Raymond Kurzweil, artists from the Black Mountain College, etc.

Examples for possible study:
The impact of anti-gravity on the mobile unit. 
A laser-fusion power plant is possible
Teleportation is possible
Re-imagining rural landscapes and infrastructures

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Buy limited edition artist prints created for CRATE

Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge designed these two prints as part of the 'English Magic Re-Mix' exhibiton, and we still have some for sale!

Choose one, or both (for a discounted price) using the PayPal button below.

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Yacht Identification Guide
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English Magic circa 1990
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Re-Mix Tape
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10.5cm diameter
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Product Selection

Open Call Work and Art: How Artists Make A Living [working title]

Work and Art: How Artists Make A Living is a symposium questioning and examining the multiple ways in which artists, curators and writers sustain themselves economically. Very few artists work solely as artists and this symposium will focus on the variety of ways in which artists supplement their incomes, looking at the relationship between economic activity and creative output. The symposium provides a space for considering the backstage aspects of being an artist/arts practitioner, considering the various ways in which artists earn money or labour (as non-artists) to support their artistic careers, and what it means for artists to occupy these multiple roles in society. The event is organised by Collaborative Research Group, a post-academic programme supported by CRATE Studio and Project Space in Margate and University for the Creative Arts Canterbury, focusing on the practicalities and pluralities of contemporary visual arts practice.

Collaborative Research Group are seeking contributions for the symposium in the form of papers, presentations, art-works, videos/screenings, demonstrations, workshops, performances and interventions that address the practical, ethical, social and/or political dimensions of different strategies currently used by arts practitioners to make money. We are seeking contributions from artists, curators, directors, writers, researchers, organisers, tutors, teachers and other people involved in contemporary visual art. Whether you make a living working in the arts or elsewhere, we’d like to hear from you...

We are looking for a range of challenging and creative responses, which sample the breadth of current artistic economic activity, and which suggest innovative approaches to the question of how to survive as an arts practitioner. We welcome ideas which make use of both the Cragg Lecture Theatre space at UCA, as well as other potential spaces in the university (such as studios, canteen, library). We will also be running a lunchtime marketplace, where participants will be offered a free pitch in order to sell/trade their goods. This applies to those people who already do this in order to make a living, and the things you sell to be considered NOT your main artistic practice.

The symposium will be a full-day event on Thursday 26th March 2015 at UCA in Canterbury. You will be paid for your contribution to the symposium if selected. This will be decided upon when we know how many contributors will be taking part. If you are awarded a free pitch in the lunchtime marketplace, you will not be offered a fee for your contribution. Return travel to Canterbury will be reimbursed for all contributors. More information on Collaborative Research Group and our programme can be found at:

How to apply

To apply, please send us a single word or pdf document containing the following information: 1. Your name 2. Info (are you a Postgraduate Student, Curator, Artist, Lecturer etc) 3. Contact information (email, phone number) 4. Title of proposed contribution (if applicable) 5. Your abstract/proposal/outline (250 words maximum). Please indicate clearly the format (i.e. performance, paper, demonstration etc), timings, and technical requirements as part of this. 6. A 150 word bio. 7. Supporting information (web links/up to 3 embedded images.)

Please email this to by 5pm on Friday 23rd January 2015 with subject heading SYMPOSIUM. If you are interested in getting hold of a free pitch at our lunchtime marketplace, please title your email PITCH. Contributions for the symposium will be selected by Collaborative Research Group. We will notify applicants of our decisions by early February 2015 at the latest.

This project is funded by European Inter-regional Culture-led Regeneration and Kent County Council, with support from CRATE Studio and Project Space and University for the Creative Arts.

Image: Sarah Jones, 'At Risk of Falling', 2015

Jeremy Deller & Fraser Muggeridge: ENGLISH MAGIC REMIX

Exhibition opening party: 10th October 2014. 6pm-9pm 
Open: 12 - 5pm, Friday - Sunday. 10 October 2014 - 11 January 2015

CRATE is delighted to announce the opening of a collaborative show of new works by Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge.

Taking elements from Deller’s English Magic exhibition, English Magic Re-Mix is a selection of new and re-worked imagery. Conceived originally as being a celebratory way to mark the end of a touring show, English Magic Re-Mix acts as the naughty offspring of the original.

The exterior of the CRATE building (a former printworks behind Margate High Street) will be transformed with posters and viewable at all times throughout the duration of the show. English Magic Re-Mix will run concurrently with the final showcase of English Magic at , Margate (11 October 2014-11 January 2015).

Two prints will be for sale in an edition of 300 at the exhibition. 

Read curator Charley Vines in conversation ith Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge

SOUNDCRATE noise/performance/installation Oct 2nd

CRANK STURGEON performs live at CRATE.

2 Oct 19:00-22:00


Bilton Square Micro Beer Fest Sept 6th

CRATE's Collaborative Research Group have teamed up with The Harbour Arms, Pete's Fish Factory, The Tudor House and RG Scott Furniture Mart to bring a micro beer festival to Bilton Square, Margate.

The Beer Fest is a one day event held in Bilton Square, Margate, on the 6th September 2014, and will be situated beside and supported by Crate and Limbo, whilst working as part of Turner Contemporarys’ 'Summer of Colour' and Margate's 'Big Busk'.

Margate and the rest of the Isle of Thanet has a rich history in the production of malt and barley,which would be exported both to London and the European Low Countries between the 16th and 18th century. As a pre-empt to the possible re-opening of a 16th century malt-house in Margate, the Beer Fest aims to celebrate this former provision from the Isle, whilst also providing the space in which to acknowledge the surge in popularity of ale consumption, and more broadly, the space that surrounds alcohol consumption.

There will also be an artist film preview, showing selected films chosen by Collaborative Research Group, on 5th September 2014
which is due to be held at The Tudor House in Margate.

The event is the last ‘First Friday’ event of the Summer of Colour, a Turner Contemporary initiative to promote the celebration of Mondrian and the collaboration between organisations in Margate and Thanet.

It will also be happening alongside The Margate Big Busk which sees a day of busking and street performance throughout Margate, based at various sites and venues, one of which will be Bilton Square.


There are no studio spaces currently available.
If you are interested in being added to our waiting list then please fill in this contact form with your details 

CRG at Whitstable Biennale 2014

31 May - 15 June 2014

For Whitstable Biennale 2014, Collaborative Research Group (CRG) created a social space within Kieren Reed’s From the Ground up, (A) Social Building, which also doubled as the Biennale’s HQ. CRG provided a context for interpreting the Biennale through participatory activity, talks, tours and other events. 


Charley Vines and Thomas Langley: CHARLEY THOMAS

2nd - 18th May 2014

Charley Thomas is the result of free conversation between two artists, Charley Vines and Thomas Langley. The work flirts with a language articulated through material, pictorial and spatial exploration. Motif and gesture provide the framework for objects nearing on the absurd. One is in training One is in between Now there is a show.

Zineb Sedir: SAPHIR

Screening and conversation.
Saturday 29 March, 2015, 6pm.
Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate.

Zineb Sedira’s twin-screen installation Saphir (2006), was filmed in the city of Algiers – its sharp, azure light illuminating parallel stories of migration and historical legacy that are embodied in the presence of the Safir hotel, a faded architectural landmark from French colonial times. In this special presentation at the Walpole Hotel in Margate, another place where fluctuating maritime light is a constant feature, and whose recent history has also been informed by patterns of migration and architectural change, Sedira will show Saphir, and a new work, Guiding Light (2014), inspired by J.M.W. Turner.

After the screening, she will be in conversation with the critic, Lucy Reynolds. This event is a collaboration between Film and Video Umbrella and Crate, and takes place as part of Film and Video Umbrella’s 25th anniversary programme, 25 Frames. To join a walking party to The Walpole Hotel for Sedira’s screening, meet outside Turner Contemporary at 5pm to be taken on the short walk along the coastal cliffs. The hotel is a 15/20 minute walk from the town centre or a five minute cab ride.

The Walpole Bay Hotel. Fifth Avenue, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. CT9 2JJ

For further information contact