Margate Residency with Art Connexion

Cécile Wesolowski

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2007 The second cross channel link between Crate and Lille-based organisation Artconnexion took place in Autumn 2007. Following the success of Emma Leach's residency in Lille, French artist Cécile Wesolowski was based in the Crate Project Spaces in Margate for a month. A new video work will be shown in Lille in December as part of the Réseau 50° nord 'Watch this Space' event which showcases young artists working in the Nord region of France. For further information on the 50° nord network: For further information on Art Connexion: see more>>>

Caroline Furneaux Residency

Caroline Furneaux - Margate

AUGUST 2007 Everything Around Us Is Culture: Regeneration In Margate Caroline Furneaux's project is an inquiry into the nebulous and politically charged term 'culture-led regeneration'. The decision to build a contemporary art gallery in Margate to rival those in St Ives and Bilbao has triggered both investment and controversy. Using still images and sound, her work explores what this investment in culture means for Margate. The photographs seek 'evidence' of culture-led regeneration in the landscape, while the audio – a mixture of interviews and ambient sound – reveals the varied responses from the people living and working there. Caroline completed a 6 week residency at Crate in mid August 07, and will return early in the new year to talk about her project.

Lille Residency with Art Connexion

constellation contrast 5 - Emma Leach

Emma Leach spent one month living and working in central Lille as Artist in Residence, the first cross channel link between Crate and Lille-based organisation artconnexion. With no specific outcome for this month, it was a period of research and reflection, of meeting people and forging possible networks for future practice. Away from the usual distractions on British soil, the artist found herself wandering the streets, somewhat like the character of the flaneur that has interested her for several years. She was situated somewhere between a resident and a tourist, with a status and feeling of place that changed as the month went on, and the work she produced during her stay reflects a highly ambivalent sense of community / boundaries, of belonging / isolation. Linked to this was her interest in Lille’s traditional stance as the socialist heartland of France.

Contemporary Hungarian Art Jan 2006

Szabolcs KissPál, The Dance,2001  © Szabolcs KissPál

Wednesday 24 January, 18.00-19.30 Project Space 1 Curator Eszter Lázár and artist and educator János Sugár discuss the current exhibition, and the development of contemporary visual art in Hungary. This talk is part of the ARRIVALS>HUNGARY programme For further information: Image: Szabolcs KissPál, The Dance,2001 © Szabolcs KissPál


Pansy Project Tour 2006


The Pansy Project - Project Space 1: Oct 28 - Nov 4th 06 Paul Harfleet is an artist based in Manchester UK who revisits city streets planting pansies where he has received verbal homophobic abuse. These self-seeding pansies act as a living memorial to this abuse and operate as an antidote to it; each pansy's location is named after the abuse received then posted on his website:


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