Saturday 16 April, 2011
Presentations from Toby Huddlestone, Paul O'Neill, Binna Choi, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Anthony Gross

As a starting point for the programme curated by Toby Huddlestone, speakers were invited to present ideas on alternate models of exhibition format, and to comment on a shift from the more traditional spatial 'static' show to something more active, temporal and engaging.

The project poster, biographies, and a recording of Paul O'Neill's presentation are available to download below. 

Exhibition as Medium and the Start Symposium are supported by KCC and Arts Council England.


10.00am - Live music: Two Wounded Birds at the Harbour Arm (Turner Contemporary)


10.30am - Toby Huddlestone, curator at CRATE
Introduction to Crate and Exhibition as Medium programme.

11.00am - Paul O'Neill 
The Exhibition as an Emergent, Co-Productive Medium and Three Principles of Organisation: The Background, the Middle-Ground and the Foreground

12.00 Binna Choi
Art Institution as Generous Structure (Against the grain of neo-liberal ideologies of ‘lifelong learning’ and ‘work as play’, how can we dream of an institution as a generous structure?)

12.45pm - Live music: Bloco Fogo at the Harbour Arm

1.00pm - Lunch at LIMBO

2.00pm - Valentinas Klimisauskas
It Starts Here: An Invitation to an Imaginary Exhibition

3.00pm - Anthony Gross
Structures for Enabling (A survey of the curatorial projects by temporarycontemporary and Anthony Gross including modular structures, social clubs and entrepreneurial 'do-it-yourself art centres')

4.00pm - Bodies in Urban Spaces, Old Town (Turner Contemporary)

5.00pm - Chaired Discussion and Open Dialogue

6.00pm - END

All presentations will be followed by a short Q&A session