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Events: Thursday 16 July, 6-9pm & Saturday 18 July, 12-4pm
Open: July 17, 23, 24 and 31 & 1 August, 12-4pm. (Or by appointment)

Alongside the CRATE building, LIMBO Space is hosting Dreamlandia, a solo exhibition by David Price with the same opening and private view times.  

For those who are visiting Margate for the day, the Turner Contemporary is hosting Provincial Punk by Grayson Perry and the new Dreamland Vintage Amusement park will be open.

The title of this solo exhibition by the artist Leigh Clarke is borrowed from Rudyard Kipling who described the process of psychoanalysis as ‘ The Higher Cannibalism’.  The project will exhibit new works generated from over 500 popular autobiographies bought in charity shops that Clarke has collected, dissected and altered to make digital prints, etchings, screen prints and collages.

On mass, the collection and combination of the spines confront the viewer with a visual registry of role models that shape contemporary Britain society and question the consumption of popular autobiographies in times of austerity. Clarke plays with the scale of the book spines to measure the importance of celebrity and who is worthy or unworthy of an autobiography. In his method of appropriation, he treats each autobiography spine equally with paint and printing ink, resulting in monochromatic picture plains that remove hierarchies and status.  The exhibition is perfectly located in the CRATE project space, which is an old print works in the centre of Margate. 

About the artist:

Leigh Clarke is engaged in a multidisciplinary print practice that employs mass manufactured objects or mass disseminated text to make singular political statements. His concern with public engagement has led him to curate projects at Lokaal 01 in Breda, The London College of Communication and Extrapool in Nijmegen. In 2012 he was selected for the London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery where he exhibited 30 plaster casts on scaffold poles of the negative spaces within political latex fancy dress masks. In 2014 he took part in a major residency project In Stoke-on-Trent hosted by Airspace Gallery and funded by the Arts Council England and the Esme Fairbairn Foundation. This summer he has been commissioned to work with Create London to generate alternative maps for the River Lea in the East End of London. Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in Printmaking and Illustration at the London College of Communication and Printmaking Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools.

Charley Vines

Work arrives from a focus on painting and an interest in the developments that occur during the process of production. In producing, I am aiming to contstruct an image, which is not limited by the boundaries of a plane or surface. Often, the image exists across a combination of painted surfaces, objects and domestic materials and the fabric of the site in which it is installed.

Petra Ried

Petra Ried

I am currently working on a project based on burst car tyres I find & collect along the E40 motorway in France and Belgium.

This project is about repetitive journeys and the significance of certain routes I routinely undertake.

The E40 has somehow become part of my makeup, a regular transit route, semi-familiar with its burst tyres, old and new filling stations, selections of cow varieties, post-industrial landmarks, rough tarmac, asylum seekers looking for open lorries, Belgium sausages, good & bad toilets, Calais, Dunkirk, Brugge, Gent, Brussels, Ring Road, Liège, Aachen...


Stephen Blowers

Stephen Blowers

STEPHEN BLOWERS: At the present I am making work that relates to place, specifically Margate. A reoccurring theme is the connection between memory and place. Most of my work is sculptural and I use a wide variety of different materials. The materials I use are important and specific to the project at hand. I work incrementally, with each piece of work subject to revision.


Thelma Findlay

THELMA FINDLAY: I'm currently working with the idea of past memories engaging with the present, using old negatives, photography, graphite, paint and text. This is still very much in the experimental stage. The materials I use in my work vary and I'll try any medium to gain the finished effect I want.



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