CRAThelstan sound STUDIO: Women's Work

CRAThelstan sound STUDIO: Women's Work


Facilitated by Jemma Cullen 
7.30pm, Monday 11 November 2019 

Join us in recreating a composition from the recently republished Women’s Work. Compiled by Annea Lockwood and Alison Knowles and originally published in two volumes in the mid-70’s, Women's Work was the first publication of text-based performance scores exclusively by women. It has just been republished with the help of Irene Revell and James Hoff through Primary Info. You can read more about the project  

We will get together in the CRAThelstan sound STUDIO and choose a composition to explore. It can be expressed via sound (any type), movement, performance, really anything we fancy. There is no pressure, the only imperative is that we explore and enjoy ourselves. All genders welcome.

A note from the facilitator Jemma Cullen:
My name is Jemma Cullen. I am a current Open School East associate. I plan to inhabit a space within the Open School East final show which will be at 39 Hawley Square from Nov 29th to December 4th. It will be filled with sound making equipment, any objects, instruments and art making tools we require. I wish to invite fellow participants to come along for a no-pressure performance of our composition. If you can’t make the day we choose (which we’ll do on Monday) then no worries, we will happily record your contribution and make it part of the performance so you can still take part.

Women’s Work contains compositions by:
Annea Lockwood 
Alison Knowles
Mike Shiomi
Mary Lucier
Bici Forbes
Simone Forti
Elaine Summers
Wendy Greenburg
Jackie Apple
Pauline Oliveros 
Marilyn Wood
Heidi Von Gunden
Carole Webe
Sari Dienes
Carol Law
Beth Anderson
Anne Williams
Lisa Mikulchsk
Ruth Anderson
Carol Schneemann
Christina Kubisch
Barbara Benary
Takako Saito
Françoise Janicot

On Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 7.30pm we will be hosting the Show and Tell Sessions from CRAThElstan Sounds Studio.